If you remember NAHJ as a great, proud organization that cared about it members, it’s time to make those dreams a reality, again!

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A New Day at NAHJ

Do you remember?

Do you remember the great gatherings, the friendships made?

Do you remember the mentoring, coaching and networking?

The excitement building before a convention? Feeling re-energized after you left?

Do you remember when the National Association of Hispanic Journalists was a great symbol of pride, accomplishment and friendship?

I do and that’s why I’m running for Vice President of Broadcast. I want to make sure those memories are reality, again.

Let’s be honest: we all knew tough decisions had to be made two years ago.

Members knew things would be tough, too, but we were excited to help, to rebuild and to move forward.

Instead, some members feel shut down, ignored and, in some cases, ridiculed for asking questions.

I want NAHJ to be open, honest and respectful about everyone’s opinions and comments as we move forward to create a greater, larger and stronger organization.

We must be an organization that talks to its members, keeps them informed and posts the minutes of the board online for the world to see. We are a journalist organization, lets act like one and be open and honest.

I have seven solid ideas that will do that.

1. Convention Crown Jewel

I want our annual convention to inspire members. Go big or go home. It should be a time to celebrate how GREAT things are and can be. Regional and super regional events should lead up to the convention.

2. Expand the Definition of Member

I will sponsor a measure for a membership vote that gives part-time journalists, lifetime members, media industry professionals full voting rights. If you give $75 — your commitment to NAHJ’s mission — you should have a voice. 

I also want to offer members 3-year and 5-year memberships at a deal rate to encourage more to sign up.

3. Hispanic Journalist Institute (English/Spanish)

Make NAHJ a world leader in Hispanic Journalism providing online courses, speakers and developing web applications for members with a strong emphasis on Spanish language.

4. Socially Engage and Inspire

Create professional development pages to critique, connect and exchange ideas. We inspire by highlighting a member every month and hold quarterly member competitions in print, television, radio and online categories. The year’s best will be showcased at the convention.

5. George Ramos NAHJ Student Projects

The student projects WILL survive under my watch and continue to prepare students in all media platforms. I’ve already started talks with sponsors who are excited it will carry the name of one the projects biggest champions, George Ramos.

6. National Endowment Fund         

I will work with Latino leaders to increase the endowment fund by $500,000 by 2013. The fund must provide NAHJ with interest income to help prevent future financial failures

7. NAHJ-management training program

I will develop a program that trains and places Latinos in management roles across the industry. The number of Latino managers has not grown since the 1990’s. It’s the main reason we continue to see a decline in Latinos in the newsroom.

With your support, as Vice President of Broadcast, I will make these seven solid ideas a reality.

Together, we have the power to not only lift this organization, but lift each other to blaze old and new frontiers.

A Product of NAHJ

Mekahlo Medina is a life-time member of NAHJ currently serving on the UNITY journalists board.

He has a proven record of innovation and success as a pioneer of the country’s first digital news channel, an anchor/reporter at NBC Los Angeles focusing on technology and social media and as a journalist entrepreneur attempting to bridge the divide between relative content and consumers.

Mekahlo also has a deep understanding of NAHJ’s mission and priorities. He has been active with NAHJ since he was 16 as a participant of the student projects. Over the past 18 years, Mekahlo has mentor students, lead panels, helped membership drives, donated money, co-programmed a convention and transformed the student projects into one of the country’s first multi-platform programs. The project graduated close to 400 students with skills that prepared them for our current industry. Students have gone on to serve with the dozens of media outlets like the LA Times, NY Times and NBC Network News.

Mekahlo works hard to bring people with different ideas and experiences together in order provide for a richer experience.

Among his accomplishments are his prized NAHJ award for breaking news, 2 Emmy awards, 5 Emmy nominations, a Golden Mike award and the AP award for Journalist of the Year.  He started as an intern for the Albuquerque Tribune newspaper, went on to reporter for television stations in El Paso, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Los Angeles. He specialized in technology/social media, immigrations, forest fires and the Mexican drug cartel war.